150 Jahrfeier

The 150-year celebration, the second official commemoration in honour of Caesar Ritz, took place on the 23rd February 2000, also in his home village Niederwald. On the occasion of the jubilee «150 years Caesar Ritz» many activities were launched in the Goms, which revived the philosophy of Caesar Ritz as an important cultural heritage and have made it comprehensible for guests in the Goms since then. Caesar Ritz, who took off into the world as a youth from the then poor Oberwallis, achieved the promotion from kitchen help to founder of numerous luxury hotels like the «Ritz» in Paris or the «Carlton» in London with his «feu sacré».


A special train brought invited guests to the train station in Niederwald. Monique Ritz, the last representative of the Ritz dynasty, left the station together with her friend Elsbeth Bodenmann in a horse-drawn carriage in direction of the village square where the dignified commemoration took place.


Arriving at the village square, Monique Ritz was clearly overjoyed about the many visitors who had come especially for the grand 150-year celebration. The village square with the «Ritz Well» turned out to be a neat, colourful place of reflection.


By laying down a bunch of flowers by the «Ritz Well», Monique Ritz enhanced the appraisal which came to the honour of Caesar Ritz on that day. The «Ritz Well» should symbolize the emigration of that time. Then people didn't have enough work in there home and therefore had look for work afar.


The highlight of the feast was the speech of Monique Ritz. The 78 year old addressed the international guests with words of thanks and pleasure. She expressed hope that tourism would profit from the new «Caesar Ritz Memorial» and it would add to a positive development in gastronomy. Alongside the authorities of the Canton Valais many national and international representatives were present.
Nigel P. Beckett, regional sales manager of the «Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company Frankfurt», the students from the «Caesar Ritz Universities» of Brig and Le Bouveret with their head-masters, teachers and superiors, the board of the «Caesar Ritz Foundation Niederwald», chefs and hotel representatives from the region and the whole of Switzerland, local municipal authorities and many important and famous people were invited to this occasion. The seating at the banquet was according to Caesar Ritz's philosophy. He was the first hotelier who dared to break the seating order of the royal society. He introduced single tables to make service easier and better. The excellent service and the extravagant table decoration and presentation of the courses by the students of the «Caesar Ritz Universities» gave the commemoration of Caesar Ritz a worthy touch. Monique Ritz was thrilled by everything that was presented to her on that day.