René Ritz

René Ritz, the second son of Caesar and Marie-Louise Ritz, born Beck, was born on the 14th August 1896. René Ritz had a passion for the art of acting. He wasn't greatly interested in the hotel business. He left that to his brother Charles Ritz. When his mother was opening the new «Ritz» in Budapest in 1910, René Ritz had a terrible accident. It was so tragic that he didn't recover from it. In 1918, only a few months before his father, he died from a bad infection of the spinal cord. René Ritz was buried temporarily in the cemetery «Père Lachaise» in Paris, where his father was also buried later on. After the death of Marie-Louise Ritz, Caesar Ritz, René Ritz and Marie-Louise Ritz were moved to Niederwald and were buried in the same grave in the village cemetery.